What's a Travis?

You wish you were Travis - no one shreds as hard, loves as much and is cherished by as many as Mr. Travis (aka Bart, T-Rex, Tarvis) Reitano.  He has held the title of World's Most Wicked Awesome Dad to his sassy 2-year-old Nahli Marie for the last four years, we're still trying to figure out the math on that one.  Hailing from the greatest place on Earth, Boston, he has called Portland home for the last seven years.

For years, Travis has worked with children in the Portland area through both the City of Portland's Parks & Rec as well as Playwork's programs in Portland Public Schools.  He teaches kids to shred - in the bowl, on the soccer field and in life.  Beyond being a generally fuckin' awesome gig, it has the added benefit of being professionally referred to as "Coach T".

In his free time, Travis operates his local skateboard company, Capture Skateboards, with his sidekick Dano.  He also enjoys spending time with Nahli, gardening, brewing kombucha, screen printing and learning the dark arts.

On April 6th, 2016 at the wise age of 32, Travis was diagnosed with Stage IV Leiomyosarcoma.  This rare cancer is known to be extremely aggressive with limited options for responsive treatment. Travis did not pursue chemotherapy. Instead he focused on eating a healthy, raw food diet as well as acupuncture, herbal supplements and massage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -
On June 21st, 2016, Travis took his own life via the Death with Dignity option allowed by the state of Oregon.  The trajectory of his illness and the known progression to come were more frightening than death itself.  He was surrounded by his daughter, family and close friends in the backyard of our Portland home.

He passed officially the next morning, June 22nd.